Ordering Info


I accept PayPal. I'm VERIFIED! Buyer Protection is guaranteed. CLICK TO VERIFY

Please be sure to include your name and address when you place an order, if you do not do so, I will take it as you are not serious about your order, if there are two person who ordered the same cel, I will give it to the person who include address first regardless who ordered first.

We accept paypal and money orders. (you MUST include your paypal "CONFIRMED ADDRESS" if you are paying via paypal or the payment will not be accepted.

Please do not order any cels unless you are 100% sure, if you receive an order confirmation from us, and does not complete the transaction, we will not accept any future orders from you

To order any of the items I have for sale, please send me an e-mail with the information listed below:

3. ITEM #

(Please wait until you get an order confirmation with total from us before sending payment)

After sending me your order, I will reply usually within 24 hours. I will let you know if the item is  available, been sold or is already on hold for someone, if the cel you ordered is available, I will send you an e mail with total, please send the fund via paypal to order@animegame.com

Once you receive the order confirmation with total, please pay within 5 days

Shipping is by USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation # and insured for areas within the US. For US shipping, these are the shipping prices (price ranges reflect costs for insurance on $$$ amount):

                                        1. Orders $1.00     - $50.00,      shipping is $7.00
                                        2. Orders $51.00   - $100.00,    shipping is $8.00
                                        3. Orders $101.00 - $200.00,    shipping is $9.00
                                        4. Orders $201.00 - $300.00,    shipping is $10.00
                                        5. Orders $301.00 - $400.00,    shipping is $11.00
                                        6. Orders $401.00 - $500.00,    shipping is $12.00
                                        7. Orders $501.00 - $600.00,    shipping is $13.00
                                        8. Orders $601.00 - $700.00,    shipping is $14.00
                                        9. Orders $701.00 - $800.00,    shipping is $15.00
                                      10. Orders $801.00 - $900.00,    shipping is $16.00
                                      11. Orders $901.00 - $1000.00,  shipping is $17.00
                                      12. Orders $1001.00  and up,     shipping is $18.00

International shipping and Express services are available, please email for details

All items paid, will be sent within 2 days (Excluding Saturday payments, which will be sent on following Monday, since post office is close on Sunday)