NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-43 $60 (Sakura and Naruto) contain 12 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-39 SOLD (Gai and Kakashi) contain 6 sketches. The image above is scan of two sketches. They represent different layers, about as good as you are going to get for sketches of these two rivals together
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-40 SOLD (Sharingain Kakashi) contain 3 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-41 SOLD (Temari and Shikamaru) contain 15 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-42 $160 (Sasuke & Itachi) contain 7 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-36 SOLD (Jugo & Sasuke) contain 7 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-37 SOLD (Kakashi) contain 4 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-38 $110 (Sasuke) contain 4 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-34 SOLD (Itachi as a member of Anbu) contain 9 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-35 $180 (Sasuke) contain 3 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-28 SOLD (Kakashi with sharingan and no head band) contain 7 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-29 SOLD (Sasuke vs Itachi) contain 15 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-30 $150 (Sasuke) contain 4 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-31 $150 (Sasuke) contain 9 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-32 $150 (Sasuke with sharingan) contain 6 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-33 SOLD (Kiba) contain 23 sketches, this set is great for Kiba fan, because it contain different poses of Kiba, and sketches of his two other team member.
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-23 $80 (Zetsu) contain 7 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-24 SOLD (Kakashi) contain 8 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-25 SOLD (Sharingan Kakashi and Kiba) contain 10 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-26 SOLD (Sai, Naruto, and Kakashi) contain 13 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-27 SOLD (Kiba) contain 20 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-11 $230 (Sasuke with sharingan) contain 3 sketches, all 3 are equally as nice
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-12 SOLD b (Kankuro and Temarii) contain 2 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-13 $80 (Sakura) contain 2 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-14 SOLD (Kiba) contain 13 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-15 $80 (Sasori) contain 12 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-16 SOLD (Naruto) contain 4 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-17 $380 (Itachi) contain 2 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-18 $260 (Sasuke) contain 8 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-19 $130 (Sasuke) contain 1 sketch
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-20 SOLD (Kiba) contain 2 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-21$70 (Jiraiya) contain 8 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-22 SOLD (Naruto) contain 4 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-10 $90 (Itachi vs Sasuke) contain 11 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-1 $160 (Grown up Sasuke) A-1 Emd. contain 1 sketch. Slightly oper size, approximately 12 inches X 11
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-2 $180 (Sasuke just right before he unleash Amateratsu on the killer bee) contain 8 really nice full sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-3 SOLD (Pain) contain 5 sketches, 4 of which are also top quality shots just like one shown above. It is probably safe to say this is the best shot of Pain you will ever find
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-4 SOLD (Teenage Kakashi) contain 3 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-5 SOLD (Sasuke) contain 8 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-6 SOLD (Kakashi) contain 5 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-7 $60 (Suigetsu) contain 1 sketch
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-8 SOLD contain 28 sketches
NARUTO-SHIPPUUDEN-9 SOLD contain 3 sketches

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