FAQ (Frequently asked questions) last updated  June/29/2002

Q: What is a cel?

A: Cel are a piece of celluloid acetate/clear piece of plastic, production cels are hand painting on a piece of cel, each cel is one frame, sequences of animestions are made/filmed with several cels that are slightly different, to creat the illusion of moment, basicly when you are watching anime on TV, what you see on the screen are sequences of animations filmed using cels, by owning a cel, you are actually owning a piece of anime, that is what made cel collecting so interesting, it is the ultimate collectible for true anime fans.

Q: Are these real production cels actually used during production process of the anime

A: Yes, all the cels listed on the site are genuine 1 of kind production cels used during filming process, unless noted other wise.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes and No, depending on the cel, title, our cost for that particular cel, rarity, etc. We may be flexible on some cels, but may also be firm, if there is a cel that you are seriously interested you can always e-mail and ask (please only ask if there is something you are really interested.

Please do understand it is extremely difficult to obtain good cels in Japan now days, it is much tougher than most people thinks, if you live in Japan you know, so it is unlikely that we will give any discount for popular titles or rarer cels.

Q: Do you accept payment plan/installments?

No, at the moment everything is first come first serve. I will not accept any new paypment plan orders or allow adding new items. Thank you very much for your understanding.

A: Yes, we accept payment plan/installments for item/items with total of $200 or more, we actually always have been accepting payment/installments for everyone who have asked. The total of your order must be $200 or more, you will need to then put down 30% for downpaymet, we will then hold the cel for you ONLY UP TO 1 year, If you need more time you need to let me know and work things out. Once I relist the cel deposit is not refundable. Normally I will only relist the cel after 2 years with no payment received or activities.

If you are paying with payment plan and paypal. Please do not make small payements like $20.00 ten times, instead take 3~5times longer and send a bigger amount. Reason is simple, it make it so much easier for me to track payments and keep record. Paypal charges a small percentage on every payment, ON TOP OF THAT, they charge a 1 TIME FEE on every payment, so the more frequent your payment is the more we get charged. If you make $20 payment 10 times for a $200 item, we end up getting charged 10% by paypal. If you make $100 payment twice for a $200 item, the fee is near half, and make keeping record a piece of cake.

Q: What is the difference between production cel and reproduction cel?

A: Reproduction cels are copy/reproduced, not used in during production process of the anime, for a straight forward example:

Michael Jordan game jersey actually worn by Jordan in a NBA game = Production cel used to make the anime, you are owning a piece of anime, one of kind.

Michael Jordan limited to mass produced replica non game worn jersey you find in stores = Reproduction cels, not one of kind, not used to make the anime.

Q: What payments methods do you accept?

A: Visa/Master and Paypal, Bidpay, money orders are also accepted, however if you choose money order as your payment method, please have it send with delivery confirmation #.

Q: Why do I have to send the money order with delivery confirmation?

A: sorry for the inconvenience, with money order, someone can tell you the money order has been sent, but never did, some buyer tend to change their mind, and still tell you money order has been sent and just keep you waiting for nothing, there is also chance of money order getting lost during the mail, delivery confirmation # will solve just about all these problems + you get to check the delivery status of your payment.

Q: When will I receive my package once I have paid?

A: after you have paid normally you will receive your package in 1~3 working days depending your area, I ship out packages every day (excluding Sunday and Holidays), I know how it feels to wait for a package, so I will ship out packages everyday, even if I only have 1 package to ship, international order takes slightly longer to arrive, normally 3~5 working days.

Q: Do you accept international orders?

A: Yes, international orders are welcome

Q: I caught your update before your site even show up on keep track, how come the cel I want is already on hold?

A: normally it takes 2~7 hours for my site to show up on keep track after an update, you probably should book mark my site and check occassionally.

Q: Are you a collector?

A: Of course, I love collecting just as much as most of you

Q: I just place an order, how come this cel is already on hold, if it is on hold why don't you put up on hold sign?

A: Sorry I normally do not put up an on hold sign unless it is ordered by someone who has ordered from us before, or ordered by someone with good ebay feedback rating (I normally check for the feedback rathing with the buyer's e-mail address), if it is ordered by someone who I think may be potential bogus order, I will not put on up an on hold sign or sold sign until the items is paid, since there are others who may also want the cel, unfortunately a few people who like to place bogus orders made it hard for us all.

Q: Can I put a link to your site on my web site?

A: Yes, certainly, you can also use the banner below if you wish